What We Do

Coral & Marine Diversity Monitoring Program

In Than Kyun Nge, we have placed 4 team members to look after the island since October 2014. As soon as they settled we have

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Marine Research Program

Targeted research on following subjects are planned to conduct with the help of visiting Marine Biologist and International

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Turtle Conservation Program

Five species of marine turtles are known to nest in Myanmar at well known islands and mainland beaches known locally

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Organic Fruits & Vegetable Farming

On Than Kyun Nge we have started the organic transformation of existing 15 Acres Cashew nut plantation has

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About Mergui Archipelago

Geology & Location

Mergui Archipelago, located in southernmost part of Myanmar (Burma), comprises over 800 beautiful islands. Due to its virtual isolation, the islands and surrounding seas are alive with an amazing diversity of flora & fauna and very beautiful underwater scenes and marine life. Just north of the Surin Islands, an imaginary line divides Thai waters from Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago. Also known as the Archipelago, this immense area covers approximately 36,000 sp km (14,000 sq miles) and included roughly 800 islands. Diving here is still in its infancy, as the entire region has been off-limits to outsiders since the late 1940s. After several years of negotiation by Phuket dive operators, the archipelago was opened for tourism in 1997, yet much of the area remains unexplored. The islands are similar to their Thai counterparts, with rugged, high-profile limestone and granite topography. One obvious difference, aside from the sheer number of Myanmar islands, is their unspoiled terrestrial scenery. Dense brush and rainforest cover most areas above
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Getting Involve With Us

Apply our volunteer, Internship and other program

Who We Are

Mr. Mike Than Tun Win founded aquamarine in Myanmar in 2013 with the vision to pioneer eco-tourism and environment conservation in Myanmar. Aquamarine foundation is the first privately funded Marine & Bio Diversity Conservation Organization in Myanmar. One of the primary goals is to increase awareness of the fragility of the marine ecosystem and interest of marine conservation and educate the challenges facing Myanmar corals, and marine species. Secondly, we hope to pion ...
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