Who We Are

Mr. Mike Than Tun Win founded aquamarine in Myanmar in 2013 with the vision to pioneer eco-tourism and environment conservation in Myanmar. Aquamarine foundation is the first privately funded Marine & Bio Diversity Conservation Organization in Myanmar. One of the primary goals is to increase awareness of the fragility of the marine ecosystem and interest of marine conservation and educate the challenges facing Myanmar corals, and marine species. Secondly, we hope to pioneer eco-tourism and sustainable developments in the upcoming costal and island hotel developments.   company-logo

Vision & Mission

  • To raise awareness of the marine biodiversity conservation projects like corals & reef monitoring, turtle and marine species protection, tagging, and long term monitoring. To educate and create interest in local communities about marine conservation.
  • Aquamarine will invest in eco-friendly, socially responsible, low carbon, self-sustainable resorts and hotels. To protect the natural environment while enriching local community.


  • Aquamarine is committed to provide educational experiences and hands on activities to the local communities and schools visiting our islands. We will initiating opportunities for visitors to experience and love the other nature so that they will protect what they love.
  • Aquamarine will also fund Myanmar universities and work together with international institues to carry out marine research, education, coral rehabilation programs and turtle sanctuary.