Marine Research Program


Targeted research on following subjects are planned to conduct with the help of visiting Marine Biologist and International & Local Organizations.




Bleaching – Bleaching refers to the loss of symbiotic dinoflagellate algae, Symbiodinium, within the coral host leading to a bleached, white appearance. Bleaching is a response of the coral host and associated with elevated seawater temperature. Over extended periods bleaching can result in death of the corals.

Disease – Research on diseases immunological goal is to develop assays to determine general antimicrobial activity. Once resistant compounds are identified, they will be incorporated into a chip of biomarkers for stress. Field sampling will eventually allow the team to quantify and estimate the response of corals to different experimental treatments of enhanced nutrients and temperature, and map the spatial extent and variation of disease resistance in the field.

Restoration – Conduction Researchs to examining the current state of restoration and remediation techniques, and is targeting investigations to test the efficacy of a range of potential applications. The research includes the following considerations:

  • the scientific protocols necessary to design and implement restoration strategies
  • baseline data for developing effective criteria
  • the efficacy and feasibility of restoration and remediation techniques
  • prospects for enhancing natural recovery.